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Diabetes Can Lead to Eye Disorder, What you need to know.

People with diabetes get eye problems at an earlier age and the condition progresses more rapidly than in those without diabetes, though eye disorders can be happen to everyone. High blood sugar (glucose) either caused by insufficient insulin secretion or insulin resistance will lead to many complication like cardio-cerebravascualr disease, nerve damage, kidney disease, eye disease and etc.
Diabetic eye problem is the most common complication of
diabetes and the leading cause of blindness in adult age 20 to 74.
Diabetes can hurt four parts of eye eyes – the lens, optic nerve, vitreous and retina due to the damage of tiny blood vessels by high Blood sugar and high blood pressure.  it causes the lens of the eyes to swell, increase Intraocular pressure and affects the transmission of the optic nerve, which changes your ability to see. As the passage of time, more and more serious eye disease will occur. These disease include damage to the blood vessels in the retina, diabetes induced cataract and glaucoma.
How can you protect your eyes?
1. Take Green World Eye care Package to prevent and correct the effect of eye disorder through natural solutions and nutritional supplements richer in Vitamin A and more.
They are: I-power capsule, Blueberry Juice and Omega -3.The provide can protect and care for the eye and prevent diabetes damage to your eye.
2. Avoid intense light – the human eye is sensitive to strong light which damages the retina and can even blind the individual
3. Increase intake of Vitamin A diet – it can prevent night blindness, macular degeneration, and cataracts, alleviate eye dryness and swollen eyelids.
4. Take regular physical exercise which is particularly vital for those with diabetes. it helps to increase  glucose uptake by store glucose. Control your blood sugar and blood pressure by regulating your life style and taking medicine and thus reduce the risk of diabetic eye complication.
5. Check regularly and take essential measure to prevent serous eye problems

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