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Control Diabetes Through Exercise


Exercise is important for people with diabetes, because it helps regulate blood sugar and provide cardiovascular fitness that protect against heart and artery disease.

Simple exercise like the one listed below, done for half an hour everyday goes along esay in preventing complication of diabetes.

1. Climbing stair – it helps jump start their circulation of blood. 2-3 trips on the stairs also help achieve the required 30 minute of physical activity in a day to stay healthy.

3. Run / Jog – Moreover running boosts your heart rate and makes you burn more fat, resulting in weight loss and cardio vascular fitness!

4. Do house work

5. Do Gardening

6. Swimming– In fact swimming is counted as a form of cardio which along with boosting your heart’s fitness and increasing your endurance also helps alleviate back pain, joint pains and the pain associated with arthritis.

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