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Natural medicine demystifies cancer.

A frontline Naturopath, and Herbal Medicine practitioner Dr. Isaac Ayodele, has called for greater emphasis on consideration of natural medicine in the management treatment of cancer in Nigeria.

Ayodele, who is CEO, Ayodele Slimmers and Naturopathic Clinic, and Chairman, Boad of Trustees, BOT, Natural Integrative Medicine Association, NIMPA, declared: “There is no big deal in cancer. It is not a death sentence but coined to impose fear. The fear of cancer has killed more than the ailment.”
In a chat, Ayodele who has researched into herbal remedies in spearheading major health transformations in the country, told Nature’s Health, that his organisation recently receded into research to re-strategise in the face of impending health challenges such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and other debilitating ailments.

“Everybody has cancer cells, but the high intake of the foods and drinks by modern is largely responsible for the proliferation of the cancer cells to full blown cancer which can be reversed by eating and drinking natural foods, drinks and medication.

“Cancer patients should take in more natural integrative remedies in their treatment by improving on their immunity, avoiding sugar, junk and fatty foods while eating more of raw foods, drinks and natural medication. He said nature has provided solution in natural medicine and that it was time for Nigerians to take advantage of medicinal plants in the country to improve the health of the citizenry.

Ayodele argued that conventional medical treatment on cancer has not improved the health of cancer patients better than non-orthodox medicine.

 “Despite billions invested yearly on cancer treatment, cancer cases are increasing and nobody seems to care that the best way to save the patients even when it is evident that those who refused medical procedures of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery had a lower mortality rate than those who submitted.

 The leading Natural Integrative Medicine practitioner said his organisation resolved to unveil a way out of ailments that have cut short lives of promising young men and women in the country was borne out of a necessity to refine natural medical intelligence to tackle the mother of all ailments that have made many lives miserable.

He said cancer, diabetes and obesity are killing the human race at a very fast rate as root causes of various heart related diseases, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and kidney ailments.

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