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Parent Corner: Nutritional Tips For Parents.

Nutritional Tips For Parents.

There are some nutritional tips parents to follow aiming at rising up healthy and intelligent kids.

1.    Don’t develop kid with a sweet tooth.

The taste for sugar is acquired through eating sweeter and sweeter foods. It can also be lost, usually with some resistance, by gradually reducing the level of sweetness in foods and drinks. This means replacing sweetened drinks with fruit juice diluted half and half with water. Few children drink enough water. You can encourage your child to drink water by putting it on the table diluted juice for the second. Do not give sweets, sweetened foods, cola and other sweetened drinks as treats. Make sure you always have enough fresh appealing fruit for your children to nibble on at their discretion. Send them to school with fruit rather than money to buy sweets. When they are older and have pocket money they will buy sweets and get them at parties. But if sweets, sweetened drinks and foods are not part of their day to day diet they are unlikely to crave them or develop an addition.

2.    Develop good habit of eating vegetables.

Develop habit of eating vegetables, including raw ones, with each meal. The trick here is to find ways of preparing vegetables so that they taste good. Too many vegetables are cooked to dealth and taste bland. Raw organic carrots, peas, parsnip chips, and mashed nad jacket-baked potatoes are naturally quite sweet and favourites with children. Serving something raw with each meal, even if it is just a few leaves of watercress, grated red cabbage, tomato or carrot, develops the taste for salad foods.

3.    Introduce oily fish and seeds to your kid’s meal

As long as your kid is eating oily fish three times a week and a daily portion of seeds, they should be getting a good level of essential fats to help their brains dvelop and boost IQ.

4.    Supplementing Your children diet with Green world nutritional supplement.

Supplementing your child with green World multi-vitamin tablet, Zinc and calcium can prevent deficiencies relating to Vitamin A, D, zinc , calcium as well as alleviates signs and symptoms caused by vitamin deficiencies.

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