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The Story Of Natural Energy Stone.

The Rain Stone

There is a variety of precious stone in this world. It’s transparent, sparkling and colorful. And the color of each stone is unique and can even change slightly according to the mood of the person who is wearing it. This kind of precious stone has become a popular valuable and rare jewelry among European nobles. The stone got a beautiful name ‘’Rain stone’’.

Natural Energy Stone

 In china, Emperor Taizhong in Tang dynasty kept with him a personal seal made of Rainbow Stone. In Qing Dynasty, Rain stone is called Bixi (literally means green imperial seal).it is recorded the Empress Dowager Cixi, after her death when her body was placed in the coffin had a piece of Rain stone in the shape of lotus under the feet. That stone weighed about 1.48kg, worth more than 30 million US dollars. Rain stone can attract light and small object around it and that aroused people’s attention. In 1880, together with his brothers, French physicist Pierre Curie found the secret that there is micro-current (0.06mA) on the surface of the stone. They name the stone Tourmaline.


Tourmaline is one of the few natural energy stone and the only stone with electric current in the world. The electric current intensity of the stone is nearly the same as that human body and has great health-care effect.

Technology Content Of The Green World Natural Energy Stone Pad series

 Green World Natural Energy Stone Acupuncture Heating Pad series are high-tech-care products and are combination of traditional Chinese medicine Meridian theory and modern molecule Bio-technology. The core materials of those products are Nan Scale Tourmaline. Other material includes herb extracts and nanometer composite material with bio-function. Those materials are processed into special points. When the temperature or pressure changes, those points will constantly release far infrared rays, negative ion and bioelectricity and those stimulations result in human body self-heating. Those functional points are combined with high energy permanent magnet to enhance the thermotherapy and acupuncturing effects on the important but vulnerable body parts.

Green World Natural Energy Stone Acupuncture Heating Pad series are a breakthrough in the history of health-care industry.

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Green World Natural Energy Stone Acupuncture Heating Pad Series

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