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Why Blood Glucose (BG) Testing Is Important

Life has changed, technology has made all things possible, indeed life is good. But the effect of the changing times on our health is definitely sending many to sick more medical help. The capital flight in Nigeria now our days on medical trip are alarming, we have never check what will keep feeding our body.

Today, the need for regular blood sugar testing  is very paramount and must be seen as very important to avoid the scourge of diabetes encroachment on anyone health.
By checking regularly it gives a vague understanding of how diabetes is affecting the body and how testing can help control it.

Here are a few main reasons why to test BG levels:

1. Understand how different foods affect blood glucose levels

2. Guide in making better meal choices and the dosage you require, keep a log!

3. Help predict how diet, exercise or stress can affect your blood sugar

4. Try to prevent high/low blood sugars, by showing patterns

5. Controlling blood glucose is said to help prevent diabetes complications.

6. If blood sugar testing is not done on a regular basis, its like driving in the dark with no signs and no lights in your diabetes treatment plan.

7. Physical symptoms don’t always show blood sugar changes.

Testing is always the best gauge – Be safe and when in doubt, check!

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