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PidCare: For Pelvic and Vaginal HealthCare

Stop Vaginal Infection and Discharge with Green-life Pidcare

Vaginal infections can be annoying in the least, and often significantly uncomfortable or even painful due to local irritation. Most vaginal infections are caused by one of several species of Candida and caused by a group of organisms that cause BV – Bacterial vaginosis. None are harmful in otherwise healthy women. In fact, most of these organisms live in healthy balance with other vaginal flora all the time. But when there is imbalance either locally “down there” or in the general health status, these organisms think they’ve got the run of the place! Then they grow out of control leading to annoying or downright uncomfortable symptoms including itchy, irritated, burning vaginas and vulvas (the outside parts down there), frequent urination, and often some type of discharge and sometimes

Function & Indications Pidcare:

Improving Blood circulation, dispersing blood stasis, softening the hardened or blocked part of the body, antipyretic & detoxification. Used for chronic pelvic infection, bacteroidal vaginitis, and blood stasis combined with wetness, heat evil. Effective for the white, odor, abnormal discharge and abdomen pain caused by vaginitis.

 Ingredients: Oxytropis Paeonia, Arum Dracontium, Arctium Lappa L., Juniperus Virginiunus, Clerodendron infortunatum, Dicentra Canadensis, Arundo asafoeidia, Angelica archangelica L., Glipea cusparia, Daphne indica, Spartium scoparium,

Greenlife herbal Pidcare tablet

curcuma longa, Discorea villosa.

Administration & dosage: Oral use only. 3 tabs one time, 2 times daily.

Specification: 72 tabs per bottle. Storage: In cool, dark and dry place

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