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Funny Cat and Kitten videos! – A Must Watch

Funny cat videos are a great way to lift your spirits or just simply give you a laugh. There are many different cat videos available for your enjoyment online. Some of the videos you will find include cats, kittens, by themselves or with other animals. It is unknown why these videos are so funny, but they are and they are widely available and very popular on the web.  Here are some of the different types of videos you will find in search of funny cat videos:

Cat and Kitten Bloopers

The first type of funny cat videos is the cat and kitten video bloopers. These are videos that went badly or was a “fail”. These are often the funniest videos! It is sometimes not meant to be funny, but then something happens and it is hilarious. That’s why it is a blooper video!

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Videos of kittens is another type of video. Kittens can be simply playing, sleeping, or eating. It’s just in their nature.

Kitten and Other Animals

The next type of funny cat videos is the ones with other animals in them like dogs, goats, and birds. For some reason, a cat or kitten with other animals usually turns out to be adorable.

Top Cat Video here

Kittens and Cats Playing

Videos of cats and kittens playing is another type of video that is often pretty funny. Since cats and kittens are curious of everything around them, they are quite funny when exploring things and playing. Watching a kitten experience new things (like moving object, sounds, electronics, etc.) can be adorable and funny!

Edited Kitten and Cat Videos

Edited kitten and cat videos can be the funniest videos ever. These are the videos where someone has edited them to make them talk, do something out of the ordinary, add special effects and/or sounds, etc.

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