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Greenlife Glutrins—Diabetes, Tonic for basic vigor element

 Greenlife Glutrins Product can help diabetes sufferer.

This formula is one of the most famous classical Chinese herb formulas for kidney yin deficiency, which is reported as the cause for diabetes. Typical symptoms are weakness, fatigue, losing hair, hot body, red eyes and ringing ears.

Rehmannia root, Discorea Root, Cornus fruit, Moutan root bark, Poria Fungus, Alisma Rhizome

Function & Indications:
Classical foundation prescription for nourishing kidney, liver and spleen yin, and tonifing kidney and spleen qi. Used for the following symptoms: Back pain, lack of strength in knees an legs, losing hair, bad gum and teeth, irregular menses, ringing in the ears, red face, hot body, uneasiness, dry and cracked lips, dark red tongue with yellow fur, or even with cracks. Recent findings in use also includes as anti-oxidant, anti- cancer, prevents prostate enlargement, geratic dementia , and type II diabetes, together with the use of blood and memory pills to improve white blood cell count caused by chemotherapy, chronic infection of the sinus area.

Administration & dosage:
Oral use only. 8 pills each time, 3 times daily as supplement.

Precaution: Don’t use if pregnant.

Specification: 200 pills per bottle.

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and dark place out of the reach of children.

Greenlife Glutrins

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