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GreenLife Prostasure Tablet- Helps maintain a healthy prostate and Urinary system

 Prostasure Tablet—Prostate Enlargement

Since everybody has a different physical makeup, sometimes certain formulas work for some people and not others. That’s why you can never lose by trying more than one formula. And here’s one exceptional prostate formula!

If you are one of the four out of five men who are dealing with prostate issues then you don’t have to worry anymore!

With Prosta-Sure Tablet  you don’t have to think about:

    Getting up in the middle of the night to empty your bladder
    Losing sexual performance or stamina during intimate moments
    The uncomfortable feeling that your bladder is never completely empty
    A weak or dribbling urine flow

Greenlife Prostasure Tablet

  Function & Indications:

Helps promote urinary flow. Eliminates the nagging discomfort & inconvenience. Helps maintain a healthy prostate & a healthy urinary system. Maintain a healthy prostate gland, conditions prostate gland functions, circulates blood, stop pains and inflammation. Use for Prostate hyperplasia, prostatitis, and the symptoms as urinary frequency, precipitant urination, pain in urination, drip after urination, urethra dripping white, etc.

Administration and dosage:

Orally take 4 tablets per time, 3 times daily.

Specification: 60 tablets/ bottle

Storage: keep in cool, dark & dry place

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